Background of JGSSDDS Project

Program for Constructing Data Infrastructure for the Humanities and Social Sciences”, developed by Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS), aims to build a comprehensive system for sharing and utilizing data on humanities and social sciences across disciplines and countries. The JGSS Research Center, as one of the Joint Usage/Research Center, promotes this program in cooperation with JSPS. As a part of this initiative, the JGSS Research Center developed JGSS Data Download System(JGSSDDS) with the aim for facilitating data sharing and promoting data usage.

JGSSDDS was developed as part of the Program for Constructing Data Infrastructure for the Humanities and Social Sciences commissioned by JSPS (Grant Number JPJS00218077184).

The JGSS Research Center developed JGSSDDS in collaboration with National Institute of Informatics (NII) and Hitachi, Ltd., in order to improve the efficiency of sharing datasets such as JGSS, EASS and other deposited data. JGSSDDS is an extended version of WEK03, the data depository platform developed by the National Institute of Informatics (NII), and serves as a comprehensive system that manages 1) data usage applications and data downloading, 2) data catalogues, 3) submissions of research outputs, and 4) issuring DOI (Digital Object identifier).

* The data files will be available to download once the JGSS Data Downloading System starts to operate this summer. For further information on the application of data usage, please refer to the link.

Creating Account for JGSSDDS

1. Users send an email to JGSS with an Account Request Form

Before creating an account with JGSSDDS, new users first need to be registered to JAIRO Cloud authentication system.

Please note that data on the JGSSDDS are available for academic use only, and we accept request forms from researchers in universities and research institutions, and students who are supervised by a faculty member.
*The Account Request Form will be accepted after JGSSDDS starts operation.

2. JGSS registers the users to JAIRO Cloud

JGSS processes the request form and registers the user to JAIRO Cloud authentication system.

3. JAIRO Cloud send an email to the users with an invitation to create an account

An email notification will be sent from JAIRO Cloud authentication system with an invitation to create a JGSSDDS account.

4. Users create an account

Create an account on the JAIRO Cloud page, registering user ID and password.

Account Registration

Account Registration

New users are able to log on to JGSSDDS after they are registered to JAIRO Cloud authentication system. When they first log onto the JGSSDDS, they are required to fill in their information such as organization, department, and academic membership. The information is necessary to process any data usage request.

Users will also be able use the ID and password for GakuNin RDM, the research data management service operated by the National Institute of Informatics (NII) to log on to JGSSDDS.

Application for Data Usage and Downloading

Users are asked to apply for data usage with a research plan for each dataset. JGSS Research Center examines the application, and once approved, users are authorized to download the datasets. Use of the datasets is permitted until the end of the Japanese academic year (March 31).

Submissions of Research Outputs

All users are required to report the progress of the related research at the end of the year, and inform us of whether to “continue” or “finish” using the data in the following academic year. Users can submit the research outputs such as journal articles and conference proceedings via the JGSSDDS. Users who do not submit the progress report are not permitted further data usage.

List of JGSS・EASS Data Sets scheduled to be released via JGSSDDS

Survey Schedule Additional Data
Region and
Geographic Data **
JGSS JGSS-2009LCS * March, 2022
JGSS-2013LCS wave2 March, 2022
JGSS-2015 March, 2022
JGSS-2016 March, 2022
JGSS-2017/2018 Integrated Data March, 2022
JGSS-2017G/2018G Integrated Data March, 2022
JGSS-2019LCS wave3 March, 2022
JGSS-2021 March, 2023
 Family Module
March, 2022 - -
EASS 2008
 Culture and Globalization Module
March, 2022 - -
EASS 2010
 Health Module
March, 2022 - -
EASS 2012
 Network Social Capital Module
March, 2022 - -
EASS 2015
 Work Life Module
March, 2022 - -
EASS 2016
 Family Module
March, 2022 - -
EASS 2018
 Culture and Globalization Module
March, 2022 - -
EASS 2006/2016 Integrated Data March, 2022 - -
EASS 2008/2018 Integrated Data March, 2023 - -