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Data Application

Data Availability

JGSS data is released approximately three years after a survey was conducted. The data sets below have already been deposited to data archives and are available for educational and academic purposes.

JGSS is conducted in Japanese, but for the convenience of researches abroad, data file and survey information after JGSS-2000 have been compiled both in English and in Japanese since April 2005.

Besides data, codes and variables, frequency tables, information on weighting data and questionnaires are also available in English.

JGSS Data sets deposited (As of May 31, 2022)

Survey Schedule JGSSDDS Data Archive
(JGSS-2009LCS wave3)
Feb to Apr 2019
Integrated Data
Nov to Dec 2017 /
Nov to Dec 2018  
Integrated Data
Jan to Mar 2017 /
Feb to Apr 2018  
JGSS-2016 Feb to Apr 2016
JGSS-2015 Feb to May 2015
(JGSS-2009LCS wave2)
Feb to Apr 2013
JGSS-2009LCS Jan to Mar 2009
JGSS-2012 Feb to Apr 2012
JGSS-2010 Feb to Apr 2010
JGSS-2008 Oct to Dec 2008
JGSS-2006 Oct to Dec 2006
JGSS-2005 Aug to Nov 2005
JGSS cumulative data 2000-2003
(Integrated data set of JGSS from 2000 to 2003)
JGSS-2003 Oct to Nov 2003
JGSS-2002 Oct to Nov 2002
JGSS-2001 Oct to Nov 2001
JGSS-2000 Oct to Nov 2000
Japanese General Social Surveys 2nd pilot Nov 1999
Japanese General Social Surveys 1st pilot Mar 1999

For those who require respondent’s prefectures, please refer to “Data on Regional Blocks and Prefectures”. 

EASS Data sets deposited (As of Nov 22, 2022)

EASS data can be downloaded from JGSSDDS from the end of May 2022.

  JGSSDDS Data Archive
EASS 2018 Culture and Globalization Module
EASS 2016 Family Module
EASS 2015 Work Life Module
EASS 2012 Network Social Capital Module
EASS 2010 Health Module
EASS 2008 Culture and Globalization Module
EASS 2006 Family Module

Download data files from JGSS Data Download System (JGSSDDS)
JGSS data listed above is available via JGSSDDS.

Archives where JGSS data sets are deposited
JGSS data sets are deposited to the following data archives.

ICPSR (University of Michigan, USA)
GESIS (German Social Science Infrastructure Services, Germany)

The data sets of the first and second pilot surveys (Japanese only) can be obtained from SSJDA. The data sets after JGSS-2000 are available both in Japanese and English from every archive. Please refer to the respective websites for data application procedure

Academics and researchers affiliated with a university, college, or a recognized research institutes, graduate students, and undergraduate students under supervision may use JGSS data sets for academic purposes. JGSS data sets are also available to instructors affiliated with a university or a college for educational purposes.
For academic purposes, indefinite use of the data set is. When applied and used for “educational purposes”, permission for data use is granted for one year. If you wish to continue to use the data, please re-apply to the respective data archive.

1.Quote the proper acknowledgement:
If you are publishing the results of analyses using the JGSS datasets, please quote the acknowledgment. If not, the following data usage might be restricted thereafter.

Please refer to the page of [Acknowledgments] for further details.

2.Forwarding a copy of publication:
Please submit research outputs such as journal articles, books and conference proceedings to JGSS Research Center: jgssdds@daishodai.ac.jp

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