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EASS Conference 2017の報告 (2017年6月17日)

I. Work Life in East Asia
Education and Jobs: Match or Mismatch in Three Societies
IWAI, Hachiro: Kyoto University
Working Situations for Women in East Asia
IWAI, Noriko: Osaka University of Commerce

II. Families in East Asia
Intimacy, Equity and Gender Ideology among Married People in East Asia
TSAI, Ming-Chang: Academia Sinica
Changes in Familial Attitudes in South Korea: 2006-2016
LEE, Yun-Suk: University of Seoul
Widowhood and Social Association Participation in Later Life
KIM, Jibum: Sungkyunkwan University
KIM, Sori: Sungkyunkwan University

III. Civil Society
Trust in Public Institutions and Cohort Differences in East Asia
WU, Chyi-In: Academia Sinica
The Structure of Civil Society in East Asia: A Comparative Study on China, Japan, and Korea
KIM, Seokho: Seoul National University
Understanding Individual Environmental Concern in the Context of Local Environmental Governance in China: A Multi-Level Analysis
WANG, Yujun: Renmin University of China

国際シンポジウム2012の報告 (2012年6月9日・10日)

Development of JGSS
大阪商業大学 谷岡 一郎
Religion and Social Activities in Contemporary Japan: Analysis of JGSS Cumulative Data 2000-2002
北海道大学大学院文学研究科 助教 寺沢 重法
Social Science Infrastructure and Research in Comparative Perspective: The General Social Surveys and the International Social Survey Program
GSSディレクター SMITH, Tom W.
Summary of JGSS Cumulative Data 2000-2010
大阪商業大学 岩井 紀子
Transition of English Ability of Japanese Adults Using JGSS-2002 and 2010 Data
大阪商業大学 小磯 かをる
The Youth Labor Market and Occupation in Japan: An Analysis of JGSS Cumulative Data 2000-2010
慶応義塾大学 野崎 華世
The Transformation of Gender Role Attitudes in Japan: An Analysis of JGSS Cumulative Data 2000-2010
大阪商業大学 佐々木 尚之
Japanese Happiness: An Analysis of JGSS Cumulative Data 2000-2010
大阪商業大学 宍戸 邦章
大阪商業大学 佐々木 尚之
Development of East Asian Social Surveys
大阪商業大学 岩井 紀子
Results of EASS 2010 Health Module: Basic Data Presentation
Health Status / Health Behavior / Medical Care / Aging / Social Environment
大阪商業大学 佐々木 尚之
Correlates and Determinants of Body Image in Korea and Taiwan
KIM, Sang-Wook: Sungkyunkwan University
A Comparative Study on Socio-Environmental Determinants of Overweight/Obesity in Asia Countries
CHEN, Duan-Rung: National Taiwan University
Marital Status and Health Condition
TAO, Tao: Renmin University of China
Hopelessness and Health-related Quality of Life in East Asia
TAKEGAMI, Misa: National Cerebral and Cardiovascular Center
IWAI, Noriko: Osaka University of Commerce
Concern about Social Health and Socio-Economic Status in East Asia
MURATA, Chiyoe: Hamamatsu University School of Medicine
A Comparative Study of Health Inequality across Four East Asian Countries: A Preliminary Work
CHO, Youngtae: Seoul National University
Health Status and Social Stratification in East Asia
IWAI, Noriko and TAKEUCHI, Tomohiko: Osaka University of Commerce
Subjective Status and Wellbeing: Resource-generator or Psychosocial Pathways in East Asia Economies
CHANG, Ly-Yun: Academia Sinica
Religious Image of East Asia
WANG, Weidong: Renmin University of China
Network Social Capital in China
BIAN, Yanjie: University of Minnesota and Xi’an Jiaotong University

EASS Conference Spring 2011の報告 (2011年5月19日)

Socio-Economic Status and Self-Rated Health in East Asia: A Comparison of China, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan
HANIBUCHI, Tomoya and NAKAYA, Tomoki, MURATA, Chiyoe
Social Inequality and the Perceived Income Justice Gap in Korea
SHIN, Incheol and KIM, Ju-Hyun, SHIN, Seungbae
Market Reforms and Social Networking Space
Economic Changes and Informal Job Search Channels in Taiwan: An Event History Analysis
CHANG, Fengbin
Measuring the Spatial Dimension of Social Capital: An Exploratory Analysis
LEE, Zong-Rong
East Asian Model of Network Social Capital: A Preliminary Plan of Analysis
BIAN, Yanjie
Objective and Subjective Measures of Body Shape: The Compatibility Issue Revisited in Korea
KIM, Sang-Wook and HWANG, Myung Jin
Prevalence of hopelessness and its impact on Health-related Quality of Life: Results from JGSS-2010

EASS Conference 2010の報告 (2010年11月25日)

Cross-cultural Comparisons on the Process of Status Attainment: Comparisons among Four East Asian Societies based on EASS 2008
IWAI, Hachiro and NAKAO, Keiko
Correlates of 'Unit' Non-Responses in Survey Research: Evidence from the 2010 KGSS
KIM, Sang-Wook
Individual Differences in Response Styles: An Analysis of the 2009 KGSS
KIM, Seokho and SHIN, Incheol
Does Social Distance Explain Everything?: Effects of Sociodemographic Factors on Attitudes toward Immigrants in East Asian Countries
KUNG, Hsiang-Ming and SU, Shuo-Bin
The Heterogeneity of Gender Role Attitudes among Four East Asian Societies
CHEN, Yu-Hua and CHANG, Chin-fen
Pan-East Asian Identity?: The Study of China, Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan
WANG, Yujun and WANG, Weidong
Social Networks and Income Effects in Urban China
ZHANG, Shun and BIAN, Yanjie
Examining motivations for social participation in Japan and Korea

国際シンポジウム2008の報告 (2008年6月7日・8日)

A Generation of Data: The General Social Surveys, 1972-2008 and Beyond
GSSディレクター SMITH, Tom W.

大阪商業大学 谷岡 一郎
東京大学総合文化研究科 博士後期課程 寺沢 拓敬
大阪大学大学院国際公共政策研究科 博士前期課程 李 容玲
Cross-national Social Surveys in East Asia: World Values Survey,ISSP, AsiaBarometer, Asian Barometer, East Asia Value Survey and EASS
大阪大学 湊 邦生
Japanese Perspectives on Asia: An Analysis of JGSS-2006 Data
東京大学社会科学研究所 田邉 俊介
Japanese Philanthropic Behavior and Social Capital Flow: An Econometric Analysis Using JGSS-2005
大阪商業大学 柗永 佳甫
Trends of Japanese Values and Behavioral Patterns based on JGSS Cumulative Data 2000-2006
大阪商業大学 岩井 紀子
大阪商業大学 宍戸 邦章

東京大学社会科学研究所 仁田 道夫
Mate Selection Trends in Japan, Korea, and Taiwan: An Analysis using EASS2006
CHEN, Yu-Hua, TSUTSUI, Junya and KOH, Chi-Young
Women's Subjective Social Identity in East Asia: How Does Family Matter?
CHANG, Chin-fen and TSAI Ming-chang
A Typology of Inter-generational Relations: Comparison between Korea and Japan
HAN, Gyounghae, LEE, Yun-Suk and KIM, Sang-Wook
Lineage Difference in Inter-generational Relations: A Cross-national Comparisons
HAN, Gyounghae and KIM, Sang-Wook
Balance of Intergenerational Support between Husband’s Side and Wife’s Side: Cross-cultural Comparison based on EASS Data
YASUDA, Tokio and IWAI, Noriko

JGSS Colloquium 2007の報告 (2007年11月9日~12日)

 Intergenerational Relationships in Korea:Lineage Differences  
Gyounghae HAN, Sang-Wook KIM  
 Intergenerational Support and Children's Marital Satisfaction: Gender Differences  
Chi-Young KOH  
 Direct and Indirect Contacts between Family Members in Korea:
 A Preliminaly Analysis of the Korean General Social Survey 2006 Data
Ki-Soo EUN  
 Do ‘Little Emperors’ Enhance Marital Stability? Evidence from Urban China  
Yilong LU  
 Intergenerational Assistance to/from Own Parents and Parents-in-law seen in JGSS-2006  
Noriko IWAI, Tokio YASUDA, Kuniaki SHISHIDO, Rokuro TABUCHI  
 Parental Housing Assistance as a Determinant of Parent-child Proximity: Japanese Case  
Rokuro TABUCHI  
 Pretest Results of Taiwan Social Change, the Fourth Phase of Fifth Wave:
 Using East Asian Social Survey (2008 Culture Module) Questionnaire
Ming-chang TSAI, Chin-fen Chang  
 Pretest Results of EASS 2008 Culture Module and Proposed Changes by JGSS  
Miki ENOKI, Noriko IWAI  
 KGSS Comments on EASS 2008 Questionnaire  
Sang-Wook KIM, Chi-Young KOH  
 CGSS Pretest Results of 2008 EASS Globalization Module  
Yanjie BIAN, Lulu LI  

JGSS国際会議2005の報告 (2005年10月30日)

東京都立大学人文学部社会学科 卒 渡辺 朝子  
カリフォルニア大学ロサンゼルス校社会学部 博士課程 額賀 美紗子  
 On East Asian Social Survey(EASS)    
大阪商業大学総合経営学部 教授、JGSS代表幹事 岩井 紀子  
 The effects of children on attachment to dogs in Japanese households:
 Using JGSS Data
大阪商業大学経済学部 助教授 杉田 陽出  
 The Characteristics of Motivation of Japanese Adult English Learners from the
 Data of JGSS-2003
大阪商業大学総合経営学部 助教授 小磯 かをる  
 Commitments to an Organization and Occupation: How Do They Vary by the
 Professional Characteristic of an Occupation
韓国・成均館大学 教授、Survey Research Center 事務局長    
金相旭(KIM, Sang-Wook)  
 Occupational Prestige in South Korea: 1990-2005    
韓国・成均館大学 Survey Research Center 上級研究員    
丘惠蘭(KOO, Hearan)  
韓国・成均館大学教授、Survey Research Center 所長    
共同執筆者:石賢浩(SEOK, Hyunho)  
 The Explanations of Gendered Division of Household Labor: A Cross-National
台湾・中央研究院社会学研究所 研究員    
張晉芬(CHANG, Chin-fen)  
 Changing Attitudes of Co-Residence with Elderly Parents in Taiwan:
 Idealized Values or Practical Concern
台湾・中央研究院社会学研究所 研究員    
章英華(CHANG, Ying-Hwa)  
台湾・中央研究院社会学研究所 研究員    
伊慶春(YI, Chin-Chun)  
 General Social Survey of China 2003: A Methodological Report    
香港科技大学 教授、調査研究中心 主任    
邊燕杰(BIAN, Yanjie)  
中国人民大学 社会学部 教授    
李路路(LI, Lulu)  

JGSS国際シンポジウム2003の報告 (2003年6月21日・22日)

 A Generation of Data: The General Social Survey, 1972-2002  
GSSディレクター SMITH, Tom W.  
 Australia's IsssA: Combining Innovation and Replication for Scientific Advancement  
Professorial Fellow, and Senior Research Fellow, respectively, Melbourne Institute
of Applied Economic and Social Research Principal Investigators (both) : ISSS/A
Dr. KELLEY, Jonathan/Dr. EVANS, Mariah  
 Korean General Social Survey: Design and Plan  
韓国・成均館大学 教授  
石賢浩(SEOK, Hyunho)  
 A Brief Introduction to the Survey on the Social Change in Urban and Rural China  
中国社会科学院社会学研究所方法室 室長  
瀋崇麟(SHEN, Chonglin)  
 The Evolution of the Taiwan Social Change Survey  
台湾・中央研究院社会学研究所 所長  
章英華(CHANG, Yinghwa)  
 Japanese General Social Surveys: Beginning and Development  
大阪商業大学 教授  
岩井 紀子  

国立社会保障・人口問題研究所 国際関係部長 小島 宏  
東京大学大学院情報学環 助教授 本田 由紀  
東京大学社会科学研究所 教授 石田 浩  
中央大学文学部 助教授 安野 智子  
大阪商業大学総合経営学部 教授 木村 雅文  
大阪商業大学総合経営学部 助教授 杉田 陽出  
東京都立大学法学部法律学科 卒(現 警視庁石神井警察署 主事) 石井 将智  
東京都立大学大学院社会科学研究科 博士課程3年 田邉 俊介  
大阪大学大学院人間科学研究科 博士後期課程3年 松谷 満  
科学警察研究所犯罪行動科学部犯罪予防研究室 研究員 島田 貴仁  
大阪大学大学院人間科学研究科 助教授 吉川 徹