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Basic Spreadsheet/Codebooks

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The basic spreadsheet/codebook contains the survey method, response rate, and non-response analysis, centering on the simple tabulation of each question and variable codes, part of which is shown on our official website. In addition, it includes the rules of setting variable names, a list of sampling points, a table comparing the questions covered by GSS/opinion polls and those covered by JGSS, and samples of printed matter used for the survey, including a questionnaire, guidelines for conducting the survey (for researchers) and a non-response questionnaire. Applicants for the raw data are given the basic spreadsheet/codebook (a book or data in a PDF format) from the SSJ Data Archive.

List of Codebooks (Japanese only)

JGSS 2017G Codebook 2019.
JGSS 2017 Codebook 2019.
EASS 2014/2015 Work Life Module 2019.
JGSS 2016 Codebook 2017.
JGSS 2015 Codebook 2016.
EASS 2012 Network Social Capital Module Codebook 2014.
JGSS 2012 Codebook 2013.
JGSS Cumulative Data 2000-2010 Codebook 2012.
EASS 2010 Health Module Codebook 2012.
JGSS 2010 Codebook 2011.
EASS 2008 Culture Module Codebook 2010.
JGSS-2008 Codebook 2010.
EASS 2006 Family Module Codebook 2009.
JGSS-2006 Codebook 2008.
JGSS-2005 Codebook 2007.
JGSS Cumulative Data 2000-2003 Codebook 2006.
JGSS-2003 Codebook 2005.
JGSS-2002 Codebook 2004.
JGSS-2001 Codebook 2003.
JGSS-2000 Codebook 2002.
JGSS-1999 (Second Pilot) Codebook 2001.
JGSS-1999 (First Pilot) Codebook, Osaka 2000.

Version Numbers of Codebooks Used in Drafting the Codebooks

Wave Version Numbers
JGSS-2016 Version1
JGSS-2015 Version1
JGSS-2012 Version2
JGSS-2010 Version1
JGSS-2008 Version1
JGSS-2006 Version1
JGSS-2005 Version1
JGSS-2000-2003 Version1
JGSS-2003 Version1
JGSS-2002 Version1
JGSS-2001 Version2
JGSS-2000 Version2
JGSS-1999(Second Pilot) Version3
JGSS-1999(First Pilot) Version1