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JGSS/EASS-related Bibliography JGSS Bibliography March, 2014 Update

Each Literature is classified into 2 areas of study at most.

1.JGSS Project 23.Life History/Life Course
2.EASS Project 24.Law/Social System
3.Social Change/Social Trend 25.International Relations/
4.Social Group/Organization   Cross-cultural Understanding
5.Social Class/Social Stratification/Social Mobility 26.Comparative Studies
6.Family 28.Elderly/Generations
7.Urban/Rural/Local Community 29.Knowledge/Science
9.Geography 30.Leisure/Sports
10.Politics/Policy/Political Attitudes 31.Environment/Ecology
11.English Language 32.Social Network/Social Capital
12.Labor/Industry 33.Pets
13.Population 34.Social Movement/NPO/Volunteering
14.Education 35.Happiness/Satisfaction 
15.Culture/Religion/Morality 36.Gender
16.Social Psychology 37.Marriage/Divorce
17.Mass Communication/IT 38.Methodology
18.Social Problem 39.Consumer Behavior
19.Health Care/Social Welfare/Health 40.Female Employment
20.Development Assistance/  
  International Cooperation 98.Government Periodicals/White Paper
21.Social Survey (Sampling, Measurement, 99.Research Paper
  and Coding) 100.JGSS Publications 
22.Household Income/ Wage  

'Data and Methods: RC06 Family Research at WCS 2014 in Yokohama'

This paper reviewed methods of surveys, analyses and data sets which were used in 204 presentations. These were presented at 25 sessions that were hosted or co-hosted by Family Research Committee at the 2014 World Congress of Sociology in Yokohama.