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Sample area Nationwide
Sample population Men and women 25-49 years of age living in Japan
Sample size 2,100
Sampling method Two-stage stratified random sampling;stratified by regional block and population size
No. of survey points:140
No. of subjects at each survey point:12-17

JGSS-2016 was conducted from the beginning of February through April 2016. The fieldwork was entrusted to the Central Research Services Inc. (Chuo-Chosa-sha).
As for JGSS conducted before, JGSS-2016 used both interview and placement (self-administered) method for each respondent. For practical reasons the administrative order (i.e., whether to conduct the face-to-face interview before or after the questionnaire) was determined by the interviewer/ administrator depending on the circumstances of each case. In any case the administrative order was recorded for each respondent.

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