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Indexes/Frequency Tables

There are numerous questions/variables in JGSS. You can use indexes to search questions/variables. From the "Subject Index", find the variable names of your interest. Then refer to the "Variable Name Index" and find out the corresponding question number(s) and the survey year(s) for the variables you are interested in. These indexes contain the information in JGSS-2000-2003,and 2005, 2006, 2008. The information in pilot surveys is not included.

You can see frequency tables from links below. These frequency tables were made from the corrected datasets. Please refer to the data corrections here. Therefore, some values in the tables are different from those in the codebooks (Japanese only) .

You can download the respective questionnaire and find the question sentences and response scales. Respondents of some questions might be limited. The coverage limitation of respondents and the question sentences might be different according to the survey year. Please confirm the questionnaires of each survey.

Frequency Tables
    JGSS-2015 JGSS-2012
JGSS-2010 JGSS-2008 JGSS-2006 JGSS-2005
JGSS-2003 JGSS-2002 JGSS-2001 JGSS-2000