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Paper Competitions

JGSS Paper Competitions

To encourage researchers to use JGSS raw data for their research and to publish the results of such research, we have invited the submission of papers that involve analysis of JGSS raw data annually and have recognized the authors of distinguished papers since 2003. Applicants are limited to researchers from universities or other research institutions, graduate students, or undergraduate students (who meet the conditions to use JGSS raw data). The author of any paper recognized as outstanding receives a certificate of merit and a commemorative gift, and is also offered the opportunity to present his or her paper. In principle, the paper will be included in the collection of JGSS research papers.

The call for papers is published on the JGSS official website and in the newsletters of the academic societies involved, and papers are accepted generally from March to April every year. We look forward to receiving many applications.

JGSS Call for Papers 2013
DATE: March 5 - April 15 2013
Application guidance and form (Japanese text only)